Forecasting With New, Full and Quarter Moons

In this book Sophia Mason, a master forecaster, shares her techniques for interpreting the meaning of the monthly New, Full and Quarter Moons in relation to the natal and progressed charts. She also explores the influence of eclipses. Included is complete delineation for ease in interpretation of the New, Full and Quarter Moons in the houses as well as easy and difficult aspects. Using a practical approach, Sophia Mason lists the specific factors to look for when interpreting the New, Full and Quarter Moons in each house.The lunar phases have a remarkable way of reflecting the psychological condition of the individual as well as trends affecting his or her personal affairs for the period in question. They provide a wealth of information in the direction of forecasting future events from the natal chart.The effects of an eclipse are far more powerful than an ordinary lunation. As an example, a New Moon in the second house favorably aspected could bring a winning raffle ticket of $100. The same aspects with a solar eclipse might bring a lottery win of $10,000. Should the New or Full Moon square natal Mars, you might cut your finger or dent the car fender. The same aspect with an eclipse might result in breaking a finger or totaling the car.This complete book on the subject discusses lunations through the houses, and special attention is given to each of the possible aspects this energy triggers to planets in that house or another, along with detailed descriptions. Full Moons and Quarter Moons are considered in each of the houses as well as the heavier influence of eclipses.

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Book Title: Forecasting With New, Full and Quarter Moons

Book Author: Sophia Mason

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ISBN: 0866903623